Another 24 Day Challenge – Day One

I started my 24 Day Challenge today.  The first 10 days is the Herbal Cleanse.  This gentle cleanse can help you get rid of your body toxins and waste with its unique blend of herbal ingredients.  It can also supports a healthy weight loss.

Herbal Cleanse

Herbal Cleanse

I had one egg white, regular oatmeal with blueberries and strawberries and Spark for breakfast.


Oh how I love Green Apple Spark!

Spark is a fantastic sugar-free source of energy, nutrition and mental focus. Formulated with 21 vitamins, minerals and nutrients, Spark has been a consistent top seller and trusted source of nutritionally advanced energy for more than 15 years.

Green Apple Spark

Lunch time, I had tuna with tomatoes on whole grain bread and did 50 crunches. Dinner tonight was baked chicken with broccoli and carrots.  I have 50 more crunches to do before I go to bed.  I’ll be back on day 5 with an update on my progress.

I completed a 24DC the first part of this year. You can read more about the first 10 days here: 24 DAY CHALLENGE JOURNAL (1/13/14 – 1/15/14) .


Transformation Celebration

Today I’m celebrating my transformations! It has been one long journey with many struggles…If I had to do it all over again I would because it’s worth it. This lifestyle change has been one of the best decisions I have ever made along with joining the Advocare family. Today I can officially say I have lost 40 pounds.   It was a slow start at first, but I finally found a lifestyle I could live with. The past two years I have really focused on my eating, running, exercising and rest. People always ask me what did I give up to get where I am today. I look at what I gained not what I had to give up. I have gained confidence in my abilities.  Sometimes it’s our thoughts telling us we are incapable of performing when in reality it’s us blocking our ability to perform as we truly can.  I have a better understanding of who I am when I eat. I am not the emotional eater anymore.   I keep to the 80/20 rule of healthy eating.   It has helped me change my habits and thinking as well as helped me to discipline myself on what I choose to eat.  The photo below is a WOW moment for me. It’s so exciting to see my transformation and know my hard work has paid off.

 My Weight Transformation



My next transformation is my running. I can’t believe I’ve been running for almost three years. Once again I started at a slow pace because I was a lot heavier, but now I’m training for my first half marathon!  Woohoo!  The photo below if my first 5K walk/run in 2011 and my second 10K in 2013.  My time has improved tremendously.  When I started my time for a 5K was 50-56 minutes.  Today it’s 34-35 minutes. Wowzers!

 My Running Transformationtransformation run


I’m truly thankful all my wonderful family and friends who have helped and supported me along the way.  I couldn’t have done it with out them. Although I still have habits I need to change and a few more pounds to lose, I am thrilled to say I never quit and as of today I haven’t put any of the weight back on.   This lifestyle change is on going.  There is no finish line; it’s a lifetime commitment.

24 Day Challenge Journal – Results, Accomplishments and Shout Outs

After 24 days I’m happy to report I lost 6 pounds and 3.5 inches. Yay me! The photo below is my before and after picture. I’m totally thrilled about my results and looking forward to doing another one this summer.

Before and After 24DC

This is another version to show you how far I’ve come on this journey.

Transformation Photo

This is my HAPPY dance!


Box Jumps

With the help of my coach, I was finally able to jumped on a small box without hurting myself.  Woohoo!  My next goal is to add more reps and  move up to the next level.

Box Jumps

Long Distance Running

One of my goals this year is to run a half marathon.  I’ve been working on my pace and miles with the anticipation of slowing myself down to add more miles.  So far my longest run this year is 7.6 miles.  I can’t wait to get started on my training in the Spring.

Running Shoes and Socks

Shout Outs and Thanks

Shout out to my husband who continues to support and join me on these challenges.  He has lost up to 15 lbs and 8 inches. I’m very proud of him taking the necessary steps to a healthier lifestyle.

Me and B

A big shout out to my son who enjoys a good workout as much as I do!  Here we are with our beast mode face ready to hit the gym.

me and my son

Huge thanks to Andrea, Tiffany, Angie, Jennifer and Deanna who took time out of their busy schedule to read over my blog before I shared it.  This has been a challenge for me and I’m truly grateful for their time and help.

Thank you

Thank you all for your encouragement and for following along this journey.  I hope there’s one thing you can take away from all of this and that is you can do it!!  Making a lifestyle change is a process involving several stages and challenges along the way.  However adopting new and healthier habits may help you feel better and more energetic.  How would your life improve if you made some changes? What’s stopping you from creating the lifestyle you want?  Hopefully, sharing my journey provided a pathway to achieving that goal.

Create A Lifestyle YouWant

Try Something New

For more information on Advocare, please contact me at or click on the link Advocare Team Wells below.


Advocare Team Wells

24 Day Challenge Journal (1/16/14 – 1/19/14)

Days 4-7.  These days are a little easier because you do not have to drink the fiber drink.  When you wake up you still drink your Spark and take your Probiotic Restore pills instead.   Spark is a sugar-free drink mix that has more than 20 vitamins, minerals and nutrients that work together to provide a healthy, balanced and effective source of energy.  Probiotic Restore pills are these small white pills that help and support intestinal function.  It also aids in good digestion.

Spark and Probiotic Restore

I eat a healthy breakfast afterwards.

Spark and Probiotic Restore

Drink water! Toxins are releasing into your bloodstream so make sure you remove them by flushing the toxins with lots of water.

64 Fluid Ounces

This is my water bottle. I drink this a day and sometimes have an extra bottle of water.

The suggested amount is your body weight divided by two equals the ounces of water you should consume per day.

Water bottle

Physical activity is part of a healthy lifestyle and it’s a great idea to get at least 30 mins of physical activity a day.  It can be simple as taking a brisk walk at the park or around the corner.

Get Physical

Here is a glimpse of me working out with our workout series, Can You 24.

Catalyst is another option to take during the 24 Day Challenge. It helps maintain muscle mass during exercise and weight management.  Catalyst works to feed the muscles, not the fat, leaving your body more toned and better defined.  I call it my workout buddy!


After a hard workout or boot camp I drink lots of water and Rehydrate.  Rehydrate Electrolyte Replacement Drink replace lost water, minerals and electrolytes.  It’s great for hydration and recovery.

Rehydrate Electrolyte Replacement Drink

Key Lime Cherry is the new flavor.  It taste like a green Gummy Bear.


Rehydrate Gels

If you are looking for a boost, replenish or recover, Rehydrate Gel provides the electrolytes and carbohydrates you need to help you get the most out of any run, workout, swim or ride.

I used these during my 10K races this past summer.

Rehydrate Gel

Here is a video of me after boot camp. Whew it was a killer!

I’m halfway through the cleanse! Yay! Next week I’m back to drinking the fiber mix. Hopefully I can get the video and microphone to work so you can hear and see me put it together.  Ta ta for now!

24 Day Challenge Journal (1/13/14 – 1/15/14)

Lakeisha’s video diary of 100 days inspired me to do a weekly blog about my 24 Day Challenge.  Please take a moment and watch her inspirational story on her efforts to lose weight and boost her self-esteem.

Lakeisha Shurn – 100 Day Challenge

The day before I started the challenge, I put a grocery list together and went shopping for the food items I needed.  Below you will see photos of the food that I prepared for the week.

Eat The Rainbow

Food items

All Fruits and Vegetables Washed and Dried

Wash Off Food

Add Food Portions (1 serving) To Each Bag

Prep Food

This is my first video diary and it’s pretty rough.  I need to work on speaking into the mike.

Days 1-3. In the morning when you wake up, take one packet of Spark, add it to a bottle of water and shake.  Then grab your fiber drink and add 8 ounces of water with a splash of Spark mix it up (I use a blender) and drink it right away. If you don’t drink it right away it will thicken up.  This cleanse can help you get rid of your body toxins and waste with its unique blend of herbal ingredients.  It can also supports a healthy weight loss.

Herbal Cleanse

The video of me showing you how to mix the herbal cleanse, didn’t work out.  You can’t hear me very well.  I made this quick one before I ran out the door to Boot Camp.


I eat breakfast about 15-20 mins after I drink the Fiber mix.

Two boiled eggs, one slice of whole grain wheat toast and strawberries.

Breakfast Day One

Boot Camp also started today at LP Performance. Great workout with weights, sprints and stretching.

Gym TimeBeFunky_CAM04294.jpg


Tuna, Spinach, Tomatoes, Avocado, Onions and

Whole Grain Wheat Tortilla.

Lunch day one

Tuna Wrap

Tuna Wrap


Baked Catfish, Salad and Beans

Baked Catfish

Herbal Cleanse Packet and OmegaPlex

I take the Herbal Cleanse packet and a OmegaPlex (fish oil) before I go to bed.

Herbal Cleanse OmegaPlex

One of the great things I like about 24 Day Challenge is that it teaches me how to eat healthier. I use their daily guide that comes with the challenge to help me plan and prepare my days ahead.  Also please remember to drink lots of water during the cleanse to flush out the toxins.  The recommended amount is your body weight divided by two equals the ounces of water you should consume per day.

I will be back in a few days and hope I can work the camera and microphone a little better to show you how to mix the Fiber and Spark drink.  

Get Sparked and Fit

My journey began in 2010 and was filled with many different diets and workouts along the way and all EPIC fails.  Why?  Because I didn’t want to change my thinking, my behaviors, or my eating habits. What changed you ask?   I got sick and tired of being sick and tired of the way I was feeling!

A great friend challenge me to run a 5K race which motivated me to start walking/running and working out.  In 2011, I focused on exercising and losing weight, but still didn’t change my eating habits.  So I lost weight and gained it back. Beginning of 2012 one of my friends talked to me about Advocare, skeptical but gave it a try.   My boot camp coach gave me a meal replacement shake and then my cousin, who will tell you I was still skeptical, gave me Spark and Catalyst.   After two weeks, I was amazed that I lost a couple of pounds and felt more energetic.

2012 was my best fitness year!   I continued my workout routine, changed a few of my eating habits (it’s a process), surrounded myself around others who are also making lifestyle changes, created 31 Day Challenge events, a fitness group, and tried out more Advocare products.  I officially reached my weight loss goal at the beginning of December 2012 and pumped up about my goals this year.

Below is my photo of when I started Advocare 24 Day Challenge in October 2012 to February 2013. I still have a ways to go, but I’m happy where I am today.   Hard work and dedication has paid off!   Looking forward to doing the 24DC again this summer!

Get Sparked and Fit

Get Sparked and Fit