Knowing How Far You’ve Come

Sometimes we don’t realize how far we’ve come… Four years ago I saw my health decline and my weight increase.  I was sick all the time and didn’t have any energy nor time to workout, run or take care of myself.  And then my mom had a stroke… I knew at that moment it was time for me to make changes in my life.

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It was a slow start the first year or so.  I lost about 20 lbs., but gained 10 of those pounds back ’cause I didn’t change my eating habits and mindset.  I got frustrated and lost my motivation.  But then I had a friend who challenged me to walk a 5K, a cousin who introduced me to Advocare and a coach who suggested to change my environment by surrounding myself with people who lifts me up and motivate me to keep going.

I have finally found a lifestyle I could live with.   The past two years I have really focused on my eating, running, exercising and rest.   People always ask me what did I give up to get where I am today.  I don’t look at what I had to give up, I look at what I have gained.  I have gained confidence in my abilities, strength, endurance, awesome trainers and fitness friends.  I also have a better understanding of who I am when I eat.  I am not the emotional eater anymore.   I keep to the 80/20 rule of healthy eating.   It has helped me change my habits and thinking as well as helped me to discipline myself on what I choose to eat.

So here I am today to celebrate how far I’ve come with a few transformation photos and accomplishments.


My first 5K was in 2011, when I weighed more than I do now.  I walked majority of it and finished it a little under an hour.  A couple of weeks ago I had my first nighttime 5K race and finished it in 32:24 minutes!

5k transformation

Drop a Size

I set a goal to drop another size this year and I did it!  Size 12 to size 11.

Drop a Size

 Here is another two year transformation photo.  The 2012 photo was taken when I started my first 24 Day Challenge.

two year transformation photo

Whatever you are working on and however far you still have to go,  I want to encourage you to keep going and be proud of your achievements.  It doesn’t matter how fast or slow, as long as you keep moving forward and enjoy each step along the way.



Fitness in Review

If you have been following me for a while, then you know the story of me deciding to make changes in my life.  One major change was leaving a job that no longer served me, the next was to improve my health and lose some weight. Well here I am almost three years later… Still going strong!

This year I had three main fitness goals to accomplish:

Drop A Size
(My goal was to get into a pair of jeans I haven’t worn since 2005.)
Met Jean Goal
10K Race
10K race 
 Lose 15-20 More Pounds
(One Year  – After completing three Advocare 24 Day Challenges and regular physical activity.)
One Year - 24 Day Challenge I’ve met two out of the three goals, lost 6-7 lbs and some inches.

It has always been a challenge for me to keep the weight off. I’m tooting my horn today because although I may not have reached my goal of losing more weight, I have met a long time goal of KEEPING IT OFF ! WOOT! A huge pat on my back for having faith in myself and the determination to keep going in spite of obstacles.  The hard work and dedication is paying off. (See transformation photo below.)


Big shout out to my family, friends, fitness coaches, running coaches, nutritionists, runners, workout buddies and Advocare peeps who have given their time, support and encouragement. I’m truly grateful!

As the New Year approaches, I look forward to new goals, new healthy habits, meeting new runners/fitness friends and training for my first half marathon. Oh boy!

So here’s to another year of workouts, long runs, eating healthy and fitness fun! Cheers to a New Year!