Another 24 Day Challenge – Day Five

It’s day 5!  And how did I start my day?  WITH INSANITY!  OMG it was tough!  I had to drop down to the modified movements and take breaks, but I finished.  The instructor was super fantastic.  He did a fit test first, then showed us how to do the routine before jumping right into it.  I’ve never done some of those exercises so the pointers he gave us were a big help.  The Diamond Jumps, Squat Push-Ups, Frog Leaps with Burpees and oh the Pike Up on the stability ball… WOWZERS!  Talk about testing my abilities… WHEW!  Anyway I video taped myself before and after.  The after one really cracks me up.  You have to watch it.

 Before Insanity Take One

After Insanity Take Two

My Recap of 24 Day Challenge this Week

Day 1-3

Fiber Drink and Herbal Cleanse

Fiber drink is a great solution that not only supports digestion but also enhances weight management program.

herbal cleanse advocare

Easy Lunch Meal –  Lemon Pepper Tuna Wrap

Lemon Pepper Tuna Wrap

Low Activity – Crunches and Walking

Beautiful Sunrise

Day 4-5

Probiotics and Herbal Cleanse

Easy Dinner Meal – Turkey Patty, Long grain rice with black beans and steamed broccoli.

turkey patty, rice, black beans and broccoli

Activity – Crunches, Spin Class and Insanity

spin class

Insanity Fitness Guru – Matt

Insanity Fitness Instructor