Knowing How Far You’ve Come

Sometimes we don’t realize how far we’ve come… Four years ago I saw my health decline and my weight increase.  I was sick all the time and didn’t have any energy nor time to workout, run or take care of myself.  And then my mom had a stroke… I knew at that moment it was time for me to make changes in my life.

See my earlier post: The Decision I Made That Changed My Life

It was a slow start the first year or so.  I lost about 20 lbs., but gained 10 of those pounds back ’cause I didn’t change my eating habits and mindset.  I got frustrated and lost my motivation.  But then I had a friend who challenged me to walk a 5K, a cousin who introduced me to Advocare and a coach who suggested to change my environment by surrounding myself with people who lifts me up and motivate me to keep going.

I have finally found a lifestyle I could live with.   The past two years I have really focused on my eating, running, exercising and rest.   People always ask me what did I give up to get where I am today.  I don’t look at what I had to give up, I look at what I have gained.  I have gained confidence in my abilities, strength, endurance, awesome trainers and fitness friends.  I also have a better understanding of who I am when I eat.  I am not the emotional eater anymore.   I keep to the 80/20 rule of healthy eating.   It has helped me change my habits and thinking as well as helped me to discipline myself on what I choose to eat.

So here I am today to celebrate how far I’ve come with a few transformation photos and accomplishments.


My first 5K was in 2011, when I weighed more than I do now.  I walked majority of it and finished it a little under an hour.  A couple of weeks ago I had my first nighttime 5K race and finished it in 32:24 minutes!

5k transformation

Drop a Size

I set a goal to drop another size this year and I did it!  Size 12 to size 11.

Drop a Size

 Here is another two year transformation photo.  The 2012 photo was taken when I started my first 24 Day Challenge.

two year transformation photo

Whatever you are working on and however far you still have to go,  I want to encourage you to keep going and be proud of your achievements.  It doesn’t matter how fast or slow, as long as you keep moving forward and enjoy each step along the way.



100 Mile Challenge – Day Thirty-One

I know you guys have wanted to know and…. YES!!  I DID IT!!!  I ran/walked 100 miles in one month!!!  Woohooo!!!

When I woke up that morning, it was raining… Ugh!  Although I appreciate the rain and cooler weather, I really wanted to run out doors vs the treadmill.  This got me thinking and contemplating if I could get this challenge done.

Instead of letting my thoughts get the best of me and getting lost in vague fears, I asked myself what is the worst that could happen? When I figured out what the worst could be, it really wasn’t.  I found clarity in knowing that I did my best and whether I get 100 miles or not, I’ve already broken my record!!

I felt like the Little Engine that could on that treadmill!  I think I can, I think I can… LOL!  The first 6 miles were great, but the last 4… Well, I walked/ran majority of it.  I even walked another mile to cool down.  11 miles on the freaking treadmill!!  WOW!!!  I was so happy when I finished I screamed and cried when I got in the car.

July was an extremely busy month that mostly consisted of working, taking care of my grand baby, and other activities with my family and friends.  It made this running experience hard, but doable with the right attitude and plan.  I’m thankful for everything I had to go through to get it done.  It has made me stronger in spirit, mind, body and running.

7/31/14 100 miles in July

100 miles

Shout outs and Thank yous

100 Mile Challenge – Day Thirty

Oh my I’m a day behind!  Here is day thirty.  I’ll post day thirty-one tomorrow!

I couldn’t get up this morning.  I worked late so I was tired and sleepy.  It was also raining, and that didn’t make it any better.

sleepy head

After hitting the snooze button a few times, I finally got my day started with this 20 minute stretch video to loosen up my tight hamstrings.

Home Yoga Practice:  Hips and Hamstrings for Men and Athletes

The video helped ease some of the tightness I felt, but not all.  I just told myself to take it easy, focus on the miles and run/walk at a comfortable pace.

7/30/14 Since it was raining this morning, I had to run/walk on Mr. Treadmill.

5 miles!

treadmill time

7/30/14 Ran/Walked another two miles after the rain stopped.

Post Run Face

100 Mile Challenge – Day Ten

Today was an active rest day.   I slept in, worked a few hours, had lunch with my mom, and called a couple of my friends to see how they were doing.  I also watched a Jaws marathon.  OMG they should have stopped at Jaws 3-D,  no really at Jaws II.  Jaws The Revenge was horrible.  I had to turn it off.  LOL!

This evening I walked around the neighborhood.  It was actually nice outside.  There was a cool breeze so it wasn’t too hot.  Before I go to bed I’m going to do a 30 min Yoga video to stretch out my hamstrings.  They are feeling pretty tight tonight.

Things to Do –  Active Rest Day

Active Rest Day

7/10/2014 Walked 1 mile around the neighborhood.  Of course I had to take a shoe selfie.

shoe selfie

 30-Minute Class for the Hips, Hamstrings and Lower Back

100 Mile Challenge – Day Eight

Today was rough.   I think there was something in the salad I ate last night made my tummy upset.  When I woke up this morning I felt queasy.  I had a Meal Replacement Shake and half of a banana for breakfast; stretch it out and hit the pavement.   It was an ugly run/jog/walk but I got it done.

My tummy is feeling a little better this evening.  I hope it will be back to normal tomorrow.

7/8/2014 Ran 1.5 miles, jogged another mile and walked the last half mile.

A bad run makes you appreciate the good ones.

Bad Run Quote

100 Mile Challenge – Day Seven

After adding up my miles yesterday, I need to step up my game!  Thank goodness my instructor at the gym is on vacation this week because this girl needs to run.   My plan is to run 3 miles for the next 2 days, rest on day 3 and a long run on Friday or Saturday.  We shall see!

7/7/14  3 miles today.  My plan for the rest of this week – Wake up and RUN!

Morning Run

100 Mile Challenge – Day Three

Today was my active rest day.  I spent the day working, drinking lots of water, playing with my grand and having lunch with my family.

Tonight, I’m getting things ready for my race and before I go to bed, I’m going to foam roll and stretch.   It’s my first time racing on a holiday so I’m very excited.  I hope I can get some sleep!

7/3/14 Walked one mile this evening.  Boy it was hot!

92 degrees

My race shirt and bib for tomorrow!

race shirt and bib

100 Mile Challenge – Day Two

Waking up this morning with sore muscles made it challenging for me to roll out of bed.   I wanted to put off my run for later this afternoon.  But after a pep talk with myself and seeing the dark rain clouds, I decided to get it done before the rain.

7/2/14  Started my day with breakfast, Green Apple Spark (which taste like a jolly rancher), Catalyst, warm up/stretch and 2.1 miles.  I’m happy I decided to go this morning vs this afternoon.  It relieved some of the soreness in my legs.  Looking forward to my race on the 4th of July.

American Flag